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Hybrid bikes are one of the more versatile types you’ll find at Outspokin. They are made and designed for recreational riders who want some of the advantages of both road and mountain bikes. The upright handlebars and padded seats provide a comfortable riding position, making the hybrid an ideal option for commuting and city riding. A hybrid’s tires have a medium-sized width and a semi-smooth tread, providing a smooth ride on pavement and the right grip and cushion for unpaved trails. Weekend riders can take their hybrid bikes for rides all around London without worrying about the road beneath them. A good hybrid will tackle almost any urban terrain, and Outspokin Cycles can see you off with a great fit!

Images are not representative of current stock. While we do our best to maintain up-to-date images of our current stock, our supply is always changing - please contact us or drop by our location to view our inventory in person.

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