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What’s The Advantage of Aluminum Alloy Bikes?

When browsing for bike frames, you'll notice that manufacturers use many different materials in their construction. Each element has its pros and cons, and these ...
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What’s The Deal With Electric Bicycles?

Electric bicycles or "e-bikes" aren't just a passing phase; they are here to stay, even in Forest City! They are already a big hit in ...
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Will the COVID Bicycle Craze Last?

The 2020 pandemic has changed how we interact with others, how we work, and even how we get around. One of the biggest booms has ...
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What Is Elastomer Suspension And How Does It Work?

A bike's suspension system is important for giving the rider a smooth, comfortable trip. For the forks and seat posts on mountain bikes (MTBs), the ...
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Why Are Road Bike Wheels So Special?

The wheels on your bike have a big impact on the quality of the ride. Every type of bike has tires that are special to ...
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What Is A Gravel Bike Exactly?

Gravel bikes are bikes made for the road less traveled. Also known as adventure bikes, these rides can tackle a variety of surfaces, carry more ...
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What Do “Expensive” Bikes Do That Cheap Bikes Can’t?

When looking to buy a bike, consumers seem to have many options at their disposal. But the amount of choice is very deceiving: just because ...
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The Top 10 Rules For A Perfect Bike Fitting

The proper bike fit is important for all cyclists, especially those who ride regularly and in longer distances. Being in a comfortable position on the ...
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London’s Top Five Most Popular Biking Trails

The Forest City is well-known around the province for its cycling. Whether you're into rugged mountain trails or smooth urban paths, London has something for ...
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Mtb Rentals

Hey-o! Thinking of a new mountain bike this summer? Ever considered a plus bike but not sure if it's for you? We offer a size ...
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